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– Pastor Russell Rogers –
Does He ‘Teach And Practice’ Christianity?


Please remember: that what you are about to read, I did not go looking for. The good Lord put it in my lap to not only help Pastor Russell from Trinity Life Baptist Church in Garland, Texas (if he is willing) but to also help others who find themselves in a similar church. A church that makes you wonder if Christianity is truly being taught and practiced. This (in a very short description) is how my journey began. I asked the Lord to open my heart (to make me willing), my eyes (so I could see), and my ears (so I could hear). In other words, I wanted His truth and nothing but the truth.

Now before I begin telling you what happened at Trinity Life Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, let me start off by telling you that I had been praying to the Father that I wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It’s like I was obsessed with it, and I started telling others what I had been praying for. So, one weekend a friend of mine (her name is Marlena) who goes to North Cities United Pentecostal Church, asked me to go with her, so I went.

Now, I was raised Catholic, so imagine going to a Pentecostal church for the first time, and the Pastor stops the service, and says “there is someone here who has been praying everyday for the in-filling of the Holy Spirit and the Father says He heard your prayers and to come up front” (in so many words). Because let me tell you, I was in so much shock that if Marlena would not have said “come on Lisa, that’s you.” I don’t think I would have believed it. I even waited a few minutes to make sure it wasn’t someone else (even though the Pastor repeated my prayer almost word for word – that I had been praying to the Lord). God is Good!!! So they laid hands on me, I started speaking in tongues, and I got baptized. Thank you Jesus!

But the Lord was leading me back to Trinity Life Baptist Church in Garland, Texas (that I had been visiting while looking for a home church) and I could not figure out why (until later of course). Anyhow, Pastor Russell told me that I needed to get baptized again to become a member of the church, so I did as he advised. But before I got baptized, the Lord was leading me to go to a woman’s conference held by Debbie, a woman over the Ladies ministry (whom I had previously tried telling about Beth Moore and she apparently rejected what I had said because the women continued to listen to her teachings – false teachings I might add).

Honestly, the things I started to see made me question self-professing Christians. Or at least one’s at this church. Some of the ladies like to gossip like most women but Christians are to different. And even though I knew the Lord wanted me to stop smoking, a few of the ladies told me it was O.K. to continue. I do know however, that they were just trying to make me feel better, but that surely won’t keep me out of hell.

At the women’s conference, (please don’t get me wrong – there were some “godly” women there), I saw quite a few things that went against biblical teachings. The woman in charge of the woman’s ministry, Debbie, couldn’t answer a lot of the questions I had about the Bible and I just felt like it was the blind leading the blind. And Jesus said, “Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch?” [Luke 6:39]. Really, it frightened me. But I continued following the Lord’s commandment for me to stay.

Probably the one thing that stood out the most was there were 3 to 4 people in one room, but get this, (I wasn’t suppose to have stayed but at the last minute the good Lord made sure that I stayed to see this), I ended up staying with the lady in charge and she had a room all to her self complete with two beds. It really upset me because, remind you, I had just given my life to Christ and wanted to live for Him, but I was seeing other “mature Christians” living like the world (selfish in all sense of the word). The same world I was trying to escape from and it really had me doubting “Christians”. But Praise God that He made sure that I did come in contact with some during this ordeal or I probably would have given up.

Anyhow, back to when I first started going to Trinity Life, I just knew the Father wanted me there, and he also wanted me in the Pastor’s Bible study. However, I had sensed the spirit of lust in this church. And this is before I found out, kinda sorta, what had happened before I ever started going there. I had heard some rumors but I did not want to judge the Pastor based on gossip. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even ask questions until one of the elders said something about a Jezebel coming into the church and dividing it. And it was after this statement that I had asked Debbie, the women’s ministry teacher, why the elder had said there was a Jezebel there at one time that divided the church. Debbie told me that a lady claimed to have had an affair with Pastor and it divided the church. Another lady had told me that the pastor made a sexual comment to a friend of his that ended the friendship and divided the church. It all boils down to the Pastor allowing sexual misconduct, remarks and such (not only by himself but also his elders) to go into a place of God.

What’s funny is I was determined not to let those things effect my opinion of the Pastor. But after I stayed there to see more of it, I became very uncomfortable, and honestly I thought it had something to do with me until my sister-n-law was there to experience it also (without me ever saying anything to her). One instance, before getting baptized, one of the elders told me to wear a shirt under the robe so I wouldn’t come up out of the water and give the men something to get excited about (in so many words).

Now, some people might not think that making sexual remarks or jokes at church is wrong, (or anywhere by Christians for that matter), but that just shows what spirit is covering them, and trust me it’s not the Holy Spirit. It was very out of line to say the least. I had also witnessed another male come up to the Pastor while I waited to speak with him and told him a joke that went something like this – “that Fresca used to have a commercial that claimed as soon as you opened the can you would have a blizzard in your pants”. Disgusting!!! (Actually the REAL commercial says “the frosty taste of a blizzard”.) But beyond my belief, Pastor Russell allows that spirit to thrive in his church. I wouldn’t have believed it if the Lord wouldn’t allowed me to see it.

So, after seeing that, I also witnessed the Pastor allow two magicians to come to a house of worship and perform their magic for the children. It made my spirit VERY uneasy. It says many times in the Bible that “dogs, and sorcerers (it comes from the Greek word pharmakos and means pertaining to magical arts) and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie” [Rev. 22:15] will NOT enter the kingdom of heaven.

So why would you allow a magician in the church? Pastor Russell later told me there is “white magic” (which is OK) and then “black magic”. As if one is better than the other. I am sorry but in these last days you compromise your flock when you allow ANY magic in.

Or how about Deuteronomy 18:10 “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard…” The Webster’s 1828 Dictionary definition of enchanter is “one who enchants; a sorcerer or magician; one who has spirits or demons at his command; one who practices enchantment, or pretends toperform surprising things by the agency of demons.”

Where do you draw the line? I’m sorry but you’re treading on dangerous territory when you start defending magic by proclaiming it to be “white magic”. Why chance letting your children see any magic? Even if they aren’t calling on demon spirits, they are imitating people who do! I’m sorry but ALL MAGIC IS AN ABOMINATION TO THE LORD.

Another thing the good Lord allowed me to witness was the fact that Pastor Russell and one of the elders turn away a “mentally ill” man who comes to the church for help. I immediately thought of the “mentally ill” people in the Bible that were really demon possessed. But the Lord gave me Hebrews 13:2, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” You see the Pastor rejected him because he looks at the flesh and not in a spiritual way. Acts 10:34, “…God is no respecter of persons…”

Just like his son’s ministry Casey’s Heart, it could be a wonderful ministry, don’t get me wrong, but they only help with their physical needs and not their spiritual needs. I only went once and I was ready to get out there and save souls. But unfortunately, all we did was go out there and throw some food and clothes at them (at least that’s how it made me feel). I did not witness to any of the homeless people, because I didn’t see anyone else. They kept telling me to wait. Even though I was told that maybe a couple of people prayed with some of them. And I confess, I should have done what the Lord was telling me to do (start ministering to some) but I was in the flesh.

Well, I guess you can see that I finally did talk to the Pastor after the Lord directed me to. And boy was it the hardest thing I probably ever did do up to that point. Actually the sermon he preached that night at Bible Study is what convinced me even more to deliver God’s word. He was preaching on Matthew 21:13, “And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” (And then Pastor proceeded to sell cokes after Bible Study.) It was not God’s will for him to sell those to the flock for prophet. Go figure, all I saw in my mind was Jesus overthrowing the money changers’ table in the temple. So, after he made a few rude comments directed at me and my sister-n-law (which I really didn’t understand at the time why) however, now I realize was to make us feel bad about ourselves, and in turn make himself feel better about what was going on at the church.

Listen, I struggle about writing these things, especially about a Pastor, but there are going to be souls damned to Hell (which to me is more important because sin is not only being ignored but encouraged). Most importantly, that spirit of lust that is being left unchecked, starts to affect everyone around it. Being a Pastor, you have souls to protect. Precious souls!! So after the Bible Study he tried preaching to me (about how everyone is human and not to expect too much from your pastor – he must have forgotten about Matthew 5:48, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”) but the Holy Spirit was really directing the teaching towards him as far as his house is a house of prayer.

Even though he tried intimidating me with his message, I asked to speak with him. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that my ex-fiancée (note: ex who wouldn’t even go to church because he doesn’t even believe the Bible is real) had already called the Pastor earlier that day to inform him that I was joining a cult (he was preparing him basically not to receive what I was there to tell him) so Pastor Russell reviewed this web-site and proceeded to tell me it wasn’t biblical. And when I asked him to show me which part wasn’t, he said he would have to get back with me. (I never heard from him.)

Needless to say, the only people I heard from was Debbie (woman in charge of ladies ministry) and the Pastor’s wife (who by the way never expressed concern for me before, much less call me). They both did everything they could to speak fear to me about joining this ministry. I’m pretty sure the Pastor and his wife saw the writing on the wall. He especially had a problem with what was said about Jimmy Swaggart – go figure.)

Can you see how the devil works to keep the truth from ever being said and then being accepted? Pastor Russell practically avoided me while the good Lord kept telling me to not leave and to fight any obstacles. I had to sit through the Pastor making the Lord’s house into a den of thieves, a dirty joke, and him obviously avoiding me (which to say the least was one of the most uncomfortable feelings that I’ve ever had). Here was my Pastor who basically made me feel like I had no right to question him about anything. (And by the way, he obviously was the one who was spreading gossip about me before arriving to Bible Study.) What a way to set an example for the flock, right?)

Well, I knew what the Lord was showing me. But Pastor Russell was (once again) looking at the natural (I, who was just saved, was going to question a Pastor who has been to seminary school and is so much more knowledgeable than I). It reminded me of how the Pharisees were in Jesus’ day. So after I delivered the 3 things the Lord wanted me to deliver (Heb. 13:2, Beth Moore’s false doctrine being taught to his flock, and the magic he allowed in the church) I saw pride like I’ve never seen before in him. What he didn’t realize was, I only did what the Lord wanted me to do and NOW I see why. I must say though, I truly love Pastor Russell and his flock and I only want the best for them.

I know people think that writing about experiences like this is mean spirited, but it’s truly done out of love (LOVE FOR LOST SOULS). I had even questioned the Lord about writing this and He reminded me of Jude 1:23, “And others saved with fear, PULLING THEM OUT OF THE FIRE…” And if Pastor Russell doesn’t start listening to the Lord, I would hate to see what will end up happening to his church. I see how the Lord has tried using different people and different situations but to no avail. The innocent souls at Trinity Life Baptist Church will definitely remain in my prayers.



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